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We, Kees & Marjo Wijnen, 62 and 61 years old, raised in the south of Holland, bought la Libaudié in 2002. A long awaited dream came true. It was necessary to change directions in our life. Our 2 sons left the elderly house, the parents of Kees deceased. the big step became less difficult. After restoration and cleaning we finally moved over to the Aveyron in December 2003 and opened up in April 2004 and started our first season.
We feel at home here en enjoy every day again the calmness and the sunshine we missed so much in Holland. Of course we miss our children (and now also grandchildren) very much. But that's part of the deal. Now we say "we should have done this 20 years ago" But, of course at that time the circumstances were different. Now today, again a few years older we sometimes think about the next phase in our lives. We meanwhile decided to change our formula a bit and only invite adults at la Libaudié, and who knows, when the economy recovers we might sell la Libaudié and see what else crosses our path.


la Libaudié!


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