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Bed & Breakfast arrangement

With this arrangement you can explore 3 beautiful regions in France and visit in each region a fine B&B where they speak English fluently. You start in the region of the Corrèze in the Limousin, then to the region Aveyron in the Midi Pyrenees and finally finish at Saône et Loire in the Bourgogne. Of course you can travel the other way around if you want. All three B&B's serve meals several days a week for their guests.


Een compleet samengesteld en verzorgd arrangement;

  • A complete arrangement, all well prepared;
  • You communicate with one person (in English). One of the B&B owners will communicate with the others to tailor your wishes;
  • You will discover 3 completely different regions in France;
  • You stay in 3 selected B&B's of excellent quality. All owners speak English;
  • You do not have to search, call, puzzle, etc to assemble your holiday. All is well prepared and figured out;
  • The locations are strategically selected with one more then 600 km' s per day to travel;
  • You have an interesting arrangement discount.


  • You stay in each B&B the same amount of days, we have prepared the following arrangements:
    • 3 x 3 days for 510,-
    • 3 x 4 days for 675,-
    • 3 x 5 days for 850,-
    • 3 x 6 days for 995,-
  • You transfer a prepayment of 50% of the total offering, the rest you settle one third with each owner directly;
  • Breakfast is included, not Meals and drinks.

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Which arrangement do you prefer? 3 x 3 days € 510,-
3 x 4 days € 675,-
3 x 5 days € 850,-
3 x 6 days € 995,-

Which order do you prefer? Corrèze - Aveyron - Saône et Loire
Saône et Loire - Aveyron - Corrèze
Saône et Loire - Corrèze - Aveyron

Would you like a meal on the arrival date at each house?  Yes, please 
 no, thanks

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