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The past few years several films were made by our guests about life at la Libaudié. These 3 to 6 minutes mini films give you an impression of the events that take place at la Libaudié.

Life at la Libaudié

General impression of la Libaudié
Film of 8 minutes made by Jean-Marie Bodt season 2007

La Libaudié in the middle of nature

Some nice panoramic images around la Libaudié
Film of 3,5 minutes season 2008

Tour above la Vallée du Tarn

Images taken from an aeroplane above the Vallée du Tarn
Film of 10 minutes season 2008

Tour with the Ducs de Normandie

Tour with Harley Davidson through the Vallée du Tarn
Film of 8 minutes season 2009

Tour with a "Lomax"

Tour through the Vallée du Tarn to Ambialet
Film of 6 minutes season 2008

Lomax Brothers visit la Libaudié

The Lomax club from Belgium visit la Libaudié with Lomax cars.
Film of 6 minutes, season 2010

Rattle 'n Hum

Tour with George and Lyn in a BRA.
Film of 6 minutes season 2008

Canoing on the Tarn

Canoe trip from 13 km's between Trébas and Ambialet.
Film of 7 minutes season 2008

Flea market at Coupiac

Impression of the big yearly flea market in Coupiac.
Film of 7 minutes season 2008

Evening marjet at Coupiac

Images from the evening market in Coupiac every Monday evening.
Film of 7 minutes season 2008

Walk around la Libaudié

Images from a walk by group
Film of 8 minutes season 2008

The Kestrels of la Libaudié

Regularly 2 Kestrels build their nest in the walls of la Libaudié.
Film van 10 minutes season 2010

Parasailing 2009

Guests of la Libaudié go parasailing in Millau.
Film of 5 minutes 2009

La Libaudié goes Cabaret!!

Spontanious performance of Erika Fangmann. Film of 9 minutes 2010


la Libaudié!


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