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Adventure in the Vallée du Tarn

In the Vallée du Tarn there are numerous adventures to expirience for daredevils! Within one hour's drive there are numerous possibilities to raise your adrenaline level. Discover para sailing, rafting, speleology, descents, canyoning, etc. We can get your favorite adventure started.

Para sailing around Millau

Start off your flight safely strapped to a skilled instructor for a 20 minute flight with your camera ready and the city of Millau at your feet.

Price 65€ per person.

Flying above the Aveyron

Half an hour from here you will find the Aerodrome Belmont sur Rance, a mini airport. From there you can make flights in a small aeroplane or even a glider! Fly above the Vallée du Tarn or the bridge of Millau.

Price 50,- to 60,- per person.

Click on picture for video

Horseriding in the Valley of the Tarn

At 30 km's distance from la Libaudié is situated the riding school "Del Griou", from where you, with professional accompaniment, can make trips on horse back through the magnificent nature reserve of the Grands Causses. There are possibilities of half a day to expeditions of several days. The proprietress speaks English. The farm possesses all necessary licenses, permits and assurance contracts.

Price indication: 2 hour trip 24€ daytrip 48€ per person.

Speleology in the Grands Causses

A 4 to 5 hour journey through the caves of the Grand Causses! with steep descents and dark mysterious caves.

Prices 45,- per person

Canyoning in Millau

Adventure in the valley of the Tayrac river. Let go while the stream drags you along. Conquer the waterfalls and rapids armoured with helmet and neoprene suit.

Price 45€ per person

Adventure, climbing, abseiling

Discover ravines and caverns. Cross dangerous rope walks. Descend high cliffs.

Price 45€ per person


Domaine de la Libaudié is close to the Tarn river. In several locations they rent kayaks and canoes for an easy trip over the river Tarn. You will discover the surroundings from a totally different perspective. You can stop for a picnic or a swim in the river. There are numerous opportunities for the more serious "dare devil" action!

Price indication 14€ per person.


la Libaudié!


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