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Fishing in the Tarn

Domaine de la Libaudié is within a stones throw of the rivers, Tarn, Rance and Dourdou. These three rivers offer a wide range of fishing, for the novice, the pleasure angler and the specimen hunter.

The Rance is for the trout fisherman, the opportunity to show his skill with the fly. He will be well rewarded. 
The Dourdou offers all sorts of possibilities with its deep bends and fast flowing water. Barbel and Chubb grow very big here. 
The Tarn is a paradise for all anglers with Bream and Roach in large numbers, but the icing on the cake is the very big Carp that grow well in excess of 40 lbs. For the predator hunter there are very large Catfish, Pike and Zander. The fishing, the wildlife and the beauty of the countryside in this area are somethings that should not be missed.

A 6,5 kg pike cought in the Tarn!

Fishing at our spot along the Tarn

Brbel fishing


la Libaudié!


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