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Walking in the Valley of the Tarn

Domaine de la Libaudié is located in the middle of the area of the Vallée du Tarn in the Aveyron in the south of France La Bastide Solages, Coupiac, Brasc, Martrin, Montclar, Plaisance and Saint Juéry. This landscape consists of hilly countryside with many sandy paths, rivers and brooks. These marked paths lead you through the heart of this magnificant area. One will find beautiful scenery, old farm houses, little churches and chapels, deserted ruins, small hamlets, beautiful woods and meadows and of course the silence . . One of the walks follows a part of the GR36 near Villeneuve.


In this area more then a dozen signposted paths are laid out varying in distance from 5 to 20 km and marked with yellow dots, suitable for walking or mountain biking. (Bikers should be physically fit). At la Libaudié 20 route descriptions complete with plastified maps are waiting for you!

GPS walks

We purchased for our guests the Magellan Explorist 210! By means of this handheld little GPS receiver you can, without the use of maps or route descriptions, seamlessly follow one of the many GPS tracks in the Valley of the Tarn.
For a little compensation of 5,- you can use our Magellan Explorist in order to follow by foot or by your own mountainbike one of the tracks layed out by us with an accuracy of about 3 meters! If you, for some reason, decided to quit half way the GPS Navigator will lead you back precisely to your starting position. It is therefore practically impossible to get lost.
If you have your own GPS receiver, you can download several ready made waypoint lists into yours. On our computer we have software with maps of the Aveyron and Tarn that scale 1:12.500. You can set out your own trail and load it into the GPS navigator.

It is also possible to load our walks on your Smartphone including waypoints with description and even photos. You can then do your walk using the Google Maps app.

Treasure hunt (geo caching)

Somewhere on the property we hided a treasure, a so called geo cache. Take our GPS receiver and go find it!
Under a rock? In a hollow tree? In a well or ruin? It is hidden somewhere! The only information you get are the coordinates where the treasure is hidden. You can use our GPS receiver to try and find it. If you do, write something in the journal and you can take something out of the box. You are also supposed to leave something behind for the next person. Much fun for the young and old.

La Libaudié Walking paths

Starts at


Lowest point  Highest point
Google maps
Circuit Libaudié-Jaune la Libaudié 2,1 km 230 m 364 m 258 m
Circuit Libaudié-Blanc la Libaudié 4 km 230 m 379 m 255 m
Circuit Libaudié-Blanc plus la Libaudié 5,6 km 228 m 379 m 255 m
Circuit Libaudié-St. Pierre la Libaudié 8,4 km 210 m 436 m 331 m
Circuit Libaudié-Trébas la Libaudié 11,5 km 208 m 411 m 354 m
Circuit Libaudié-Aspires la Libaudié 10 km 223 m 523 m 1160 m
Circuit Libaudié-Gravasse la Libaudié 11 km 223 m 523 m 1160 m
Circuit Libaudié-Bastide la Libaudié 10 km 236 m 444 m 458 m
Circuit Libaudié-Albugue la Libaudié 14,6 km 222 m 558 m 807 m
Circuit Libaudié-Plaisance la Libaudié 18 km 213 m 437 m 795 m
Circuit Libaudié-Frayssines la Libaudié 18,8 km 213 m 453 m 826 m
Circuit des 3 rives Villeneuve 6,8 km 210 m 232 m 101 m
Circuit de Bastide Solages la Bastide Solages 5,8 km 239 m 451 m 320 m
Circuit Capelle de la Mole Coupiac 9,3 km 386 m 567 m 416 m
Circuit de Vérouls Coupiac 10,2 km 386 m 599 m 438 m
Circuit de Bonneval Villeneuve 16,8 km 216 m 485 m 860 m
Circuit de Gaycre Trébas 12/15 km 218 m 503 m 536 m
Circuit de Frayssines Trébas 13 km 220 m 538 m 536 m  
Circuit de Plaisance Plaisance 21 km 210 m 480 m 902 m
Circuit de Massalgues Villeneuve 11,4 km 219 m 450 m 554 m
Circuit de la Mouzinac Trébas 8,6 km 218 m 452 m 467 m
Circuit de Lincou Lincou 16 km 228 m 542 m 807 m
Circuit de Marquie Montclar 4,5 km 505 m 646 m 170 m
Circuit de Farret Farret 5,6 km 421 m 523 m 171 m
Circuit de Jouvayrac Martrin 6 km 471 m 607 m 253 m
Circuit de Cayla Martrin 13,2 km 305 m 607 m 552 m
Circuit de Saint Laurent Plaisance 9,8 km 268 m 569 m 507 m
Circuit de Saint Igest Saint Igest 10,5 km 233 m 655 m 493 m
Circuit de Saint Juéry Saint Juéry 8,7 km 453 m 602 m 279 m
Circuit de Suc d'Armont Plaisance 10,3 km 260 m 520 m 492 m
Circuit de Brasc Brasc 9,4 km 240 m 623 m 554 m


la Libaudié!


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