Chambres d'Hôtes - Ferien Wohnung - Mini camping

Gemeinsamme Mahlzeit oder selbst kochen

A succesful holiday is more then just good weather or being lazy, but also enjoying a good meal together with the other guests.  We prepare an evening dinner at least ones per week. The bed and breakfast and camp site guests can dine with us. Mostly we have dinner with 12 to 18 people, whenever possible outside and it is always very cozy. The French call it "Table d'hôtes". A concept where the guests dine together with the owners, so you get served whatever it is we cook. You take pot luck, "A la bonne franquette" as the French say. Of course we take your wishes into account for vegetarians, allergies or courses you absolutely dislike.

Summer kitchen

Exclusively for our guests we installed a fully equipped summer kitchen including gaz cooker and oven, a refrigerator, freezer, sink and service. Guests can prepare there own meals, Especcially useful on our non-cooking days.  You also have access to a big barbecue in our garden. 
Besides we can book for you one of the many restaurants here in the vicinity. During high season on monday evening we offten dine with all the guests at the evening market in Coupiac, with afterwards a tour through the village castle.


In the garden is a large charcoal grill. Which can be used free of charge. You only need to reserve it. From time to time we organize an "American barbecue." Everyone takes his own stuff, and we cook together in the garden. Always very nice!

Breakfast and lunch

Breakfast is served in our Grange at nine o'clock. It is a French breakfast with croissants, bread, meats, marmalades, coffee, tea, etc. We do not serve lunch. Most people have lunch during one of the trips or take along lunch. For walkers we can prepare a pick nick.

With our the summer kitchen you can prepare your own meal.



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